How Long Will My Carpet Cleaning Take?

It is one of the top three most frequent questions that customers ask me before a carpet washing job. Unfortunately, there is no standard answer. Too many factors determine the length of procedures, but I will try to give you the three most probable scenarios. We will assume we have to clean the carpeted floors in a small apartment – one large living room and one bedroom.

Carpets in a relatively good condition

For example, tenants are moving out but must do the end of tenancy cleaning, including the carpets. If there are no additional problems like stains or mould, a single steam-washing procedure will suffice to deliver the requested results. Even with the drying time in mind, the job should not take more than 90 minutes.

Carpets in poor condition

Heavily smothered and dirty carpets require hot water extraction, which usually takes 20-30% more time than steam washing. Let’s assume you will face a couple of nasty stains along the way – another 15-20 minutes. Overall, the procedure might require up to three hours.

Carpets in catastrophic condition

The ones that make you think, “can we really do anything to salvage them”? In many cases – yes, we can, so roll up the sleeves, and let’s get to it!

First, the overall removal of dirt. Hot water extraction is obligatory, but you might have to repeat the procedure. It means cleaning, drying, and then cleaning again – while changing the water tank in the meantime. Do not expect to be lucky, and brace yourself for some annoying stain removal work, probably anti-mould treatment too. Overall, the cleaning might take up to five hours.